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Property Taxes and Deeds of Trust?

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Property Taxes and Deeds of Trust?

Post  jamesscot84 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:33 pm

My mother in law passed away recently. She was renting a place from someone without a lease. Between her and myself and my husband, (her son), we've lived there for 21+ years. The owner came over after her death and gave us 2 weeks to get out because she was 1 month behind in rent. In going through her stuff we found a deed of trust to my husband from this guy for the property and we found that my mother in law has been paying the taxes on the place for 21+ years. Someone told us that if she's paid and can prove she paid the taxes for 21+ yrs she owns it already. Plus there is the deed of trust to my husband as well.

We live in Colorado btw. Can someone tell me if the tax law is true and if the deed of trust is good. It was signed in 1999 by the owner over to my husband for $10.00. Can anyone help me out here?


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