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BMX Or Mountain Bike?

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BMX Or Mountain Bike?

Post  jamesscot84 on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:15 pm

So I cant really decide which one to get. So I want to be able to ride my bike whenever I want, to school, to the park, to my friend's house, etc. So I want something that will last. I don't know any tricks or anything because my previous bike was a mountain bike, but I could see myself getting into it. But I don't know if my friend way lying when he said this, but he said that if you plan on going uphill a lot, then get a mountain bike because he had a BMX bike(Still does) and he left my house one day and he was going down a really steep hill and then he tried braking but his brakes broke so he had to stop with his shoes. He said it's cause if you use a BMX bike uphill a lot, the brakes get ruined. So is that true? Because going home from school and my friend's house, I have to go up really steep hills. I want a BMX bike, but there's also a really nice Mountain bike I'd like, so which should I get?


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