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Verizon blackberry internet service in iraq?

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Verizon blackberry internet service in iraq?

Post  jamesscot84 on Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:24 am

I was thinking about getting the blackberry curve with the unlimited data plan for my husband when he deploys soon. The person at verizon said that he would have coverage and that he would only be charged the flat rate of $69.99 a month for the unlimited internet and data...and then more if he choose to actually talk or text on the phone while over there. I can not find a coverage map of iraq. Has anyone done this before and can you tell me your experience with it? where you charged any other hidden fees? did you actually have internet service everywhere while over there? i am also interested in hearing from anyone who did this while in afganistan and kuwait. i am just trying to get any and all information from people who have experienced this so that we can decide if this is the best way to go...last time his internet was so bad sometimes we couldnt talk at all. thanks for your help!


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